When it comes to the relationship between the consumers and service providers, the phrase ‘Ignorance is bliss’ has never been farther from the truth. The same applies to the Rideshare industry.

RideShare Advocate is striving to be the leading advocate group for the Safety and information of the RideShare Passengers. We are motivated by the need to make conscious efforts to bridge the huge gap between passengers and RideShare service provider. We provide a common front where a community of RideShare passengers can draw reliance and share experiences with each other in order to get the best possible experience from using RideShare as a passenger

We provide information about the RideShare industry as it pertains to the rider safety, information, education and news. We also provide informal small group training sessions, about RideShare companies & passenger safety.

We also offer a consulting service to Colleges/churches, communities and organizations on creating safe drop off zones for RideShare passengers. We also rely on passengers feedback to advocate for certain regulations & standards that can ensure safety and fairness for the RideShare passengers.