Meet The Team




My role is to listen and stay out of the way of people on the team, who are very good at their roles & responsibilities. The team provides great suggestions, ideas on how to grow the company so it will be profitable while focusing on people safety.

I attended college at the University of Illinois Chicago “UICC”. I have over 25 years in IT management, working for some great company like ConAgra Food, Pepsi, DHS, CPS etc. In 2017 I started a business (RideShare Advocate Group) that focuses on RideShare passenger safety, education and information. I wanted it to be a company that helped drive this unregulated industry (Uber, Lyft and others) toward safety regulations. From talking with passengers, college students and others, I saw a need for a mobile application that a person could use while riding in a RideShare vehicle. This conversation also led me to rethinking a larger need, and we started working on modifying the mobile app to be used for people day-to-day needs. This is what I am committed to now.

What do you like to do during free time? Fishing, watching politico shows spending time with my wife.

Favorite sport team? I love the Cubs, college football ( Valparaiso & Eastern Michigan because son’s played there)

Favorite food? I love ethnic foods, anything with lots of veggies. I have a weakness for potato (chips & fries)

Favorite Movie or TV show The Five Heartbeats, The Voice, and SNL (anything that will make me laugh)



Admin/Customer Support Manager

Even though I have a B.Sc in Microbiology from the University of Lagos in Nigeria, I have worked in administrative capacity  for over 10 years in several industries ranging from Entertainment to IT and Construction.

As a regular rideshare user home and abroad, it’s really a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Rideshare Advocate team that aims to support and promote passenger safety and awareness locally with the intention of creating a global standard.

What do you like to do during free time? Clown around with my 2 year old son, catch up on my Netflix shows or play adventure video games.

Favorite sport team? Don’t have any

Favorite food? Creamy pasta with lots of cheese, pizza and Chinese food.

Favorite Movie or TV show I don’t have any favorites but I really enjoyed watching 300, Thor, Avengers, Big Hero 6 and Frozen (don’t judge me!)



Content Marketing and Project Management

I started my business 5 years ago, and I focus on content marketing, virtual assisting, and project management. I graduated from Kent State University with my Bachelor of Arts in English, and after working an assistant job and realizing that I wanted to put my degree to work and do what I love, I stepped out and started my company, Pro-Assist, LLC. I have been with RideShare Advocate Group for 6 months, and I am so thrilled to be with a company that focuses on helping people travel more safely and have safer nights out.

What do you like to do during free time? Read, hike, volleyball, spend time with family and pets.

Favorite sport team? Cleveland Cavaliers and Denver Broncos

Favorite food? Sushi.

Favorite Movie or TV show Oceans Eleven and This Is Us



Marketing and Sales Rep

I grew up in the South suburbs of Chicago, me and my older brother were raised by my single mother. She couldn’t really help me attend college, nor did she even know how to help me enroll. I figured it out myself, did a couple years or pre-reqs and then adult life happen. I am currently in the electrical trade as an apprentice Lineman for IBEW Local 9. Using that as a stepping stone to follow my dream of helping others with their life problems. I’m also hoping to one day open up an etiquette school for young men and teach them the lost art of Chivalry. Till then I will continue to hustle and grind until I get there!

What do you like to do during free time? Hang out with friends, read, play games, and spend time with my dog and family.

Favorite sport team? I love my Chicago teams, Bears, Bulls, and the Sox.

Favorite food? This is a hard question lol….

Favorite Movie or TV show Lion King, A Bronx Tale, and Big Bang Theory….yeah I’m kind of a dork lol



Drivers Marketing and Sales Manager

I grew up, went to school and played sports around Oak Park, Austin and Proviso Township. I went to Saint Augustine’s University in Raleigh, NC where I majored in Sports Management. I then went on to study Sports Administration at Northwestern, while also working at a school for children with autism. Sports Management and Sports Administration were pretty much sports classes relating to marketing, business, accounting, sponsorships and sales. My younger cousin was diagnosed with autism when I was a child, so I have been working with children with special needs for many years and I will always take time to engage in sports, recreation and other interest-based activities with children with special needs and typical developing youth. I am Director of Sponsor and Donor Relations at A Greater Good Foundation, a member of The Chicago Bears Monster Squad (Turns up with the fans and throws t-shirts to the crowd), an Autism Intervention Recreational Specialist and I also drive Lyft, so I stay active lol. I enjoy time freedom and I like to spend my time on things that are helping me grow in preparation for opening a recreational facility that is modified for children with special needs, but is inclusive to everyone.

What do you like to do during free time? Working out, playing sports, coaching and mentoring youth, personal development (Reading, podcasts, videos…) and spending time with my family.

Favorite sport team? I love Chicago teams. Bears, Cubs, Bulls, Sky, Northwestern, Illinois(my dad went there so I grew up an Illinois fan even though I ended up going to school at Northwestern) and I will cheer for pretty much every Chicago team over any other city.

Favorite Movie or TV show I don’t watch to much TV because I don’t spend too much time at home, but I like watching live sports (Professional and College Basketball, Baseball and Football mostly) and documentaries so I enjoy 30 for 30’s and any other documentary that interests me. I do go to the movies with my family pretty regularly so I enjoy that family time (Black Panther was the last movie we saw. I loved it!)



Website Maintenance & Design

I was born and raised in Ohio. After graduating from St. Mary Central Catholic High School, I received my Bachelor’s degree from Columbia College Chicago in Film & Video. I moved to Los Angeles, where I lived for several years as a freelance web designer.

I started my own business last year in Cleveland. I specialize in web & graphic design. I use Uber at least once a month, so I am excited to be a part of a great resource for rideshare users!

What do you like to do during free time? I like to hang out with my three year old daughter, Arabella. We love coloring, taking walks and exploring Cleveland.

Favorite sport team? Nothing is better than being a Cleveland fan. I am all about everything Cleveland: the Cavs, the Browns, & the Indians.

Favorite food? Hibachi & French Fries

Favorite Movie or TV show This Is Us, Jimmy Fallon, & Modern Family



Community Engagement

Cody was born and raised in Maywood, IL where his last name stood prevalent over the past decades in creating change in both the community and the youth. He acquired a Bachelors of Arts in Criminology, with a minor in communications from “The Valparaiso University.” While attending “Valpo,” he played a role in the start of ME (Male Empowerment), and also a founding father Pi Kappa Alpha. His perseverance in character was fostered by 4 years of Division-1 football, as he adopted a role for leadership and also an ambitious drive to win.

Following graduation in May, 2016, Cody’s been active as the Vice President of Communications and he is also a Co-founder of A Greater Good Foundation. As V.P. of Communications, he handles community engagement and will play a big part in Ride Share Advocate community’s involvement.

What do you like to do during free time? I like to read for growth, stay active with indoor and outdoor activities, mentor youth, spend time with positive people, and travel the world.

Favorite sport team? My favorite sports team is the New England Patriots. I am not a bandwagon fan but I believe in winning systems and been with them since 2004!

Favorite food? My favorite foods derive from different ethnic cultures. Hence why I love traveling!

Favorite Movie or TV show My favorite movie to watch is Interstellar and my favorite show to watch is Spirit Science.



Legal & Strategic Communications

I was born in a small town in South Carolina and grew up outside of Washington D.C. In
2014 I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Hampton University and in 2017 I
received my J.D. from the University of Miami.

Although I am an attorney officially, I consider myself to be more of a creative type than anything else.
I’ve always had a love for the arts—music, literature, and everything else in between. There’s something
profound to me in the way they connect people regardless of the different backgrounds we each have.
My only goal in life is to find new ways to broaden the perspectives of every person I meet, and,
hopefully, show people that we’re not all quite as different as we like to think.

What do you like to do during free time?  In my free time you can usually find me writing something, in the studio, or playing FIFA.

Favorite sport team? I’m a proud Villanova basketball fan from way back, and a long suffering Kansas
City Chiefs fan

Favorite food? Anything Italian

Favorite Movie or TV show My favorite movie changes depending on my mood at the time, but right
now I’ll say it’s The Prestige