–  Rideshare passenger safety:  We offer safety tips that could be helpful to passengers in case of road mishap or emergency. We also enlighten them on how to best make these situations as avoidable as possible.


Rideshare passengers education: We offer general education on how to make passenger’s RideShare experience worthwhile. We do an overview of service providers in your areas so that you will be in the best position to decide what particular service you would like to patronize.


– Rideshare Consulting Services for Colleges: We serve as a consultant agency to colleges. We allow the academic society to boycott the unfamiliar terrain of RideShare when their service becomes pertinent to the gown by serving as a middleman.


Understanding Passengers rights: When the purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable. That’s why we preoccupy ourselves with enlightening passengers on their rights as consumers and in the RideShare community.


– Legal options: The greatest incitement to crime is the prospect of escaping punishment. That is why we make provision for legal services. We present legal options available to passengers seeking to redress when they feel their rights have been trampled upon by their service providers.


Rideshare news: We provide the latest news and updates in the world of RideShare passengers. This creates of a community where information is exchanged and people are updated on the latest development about RideShare in their area.


Being an advocate for passenger’s causes: Aside from our legal option and advice, we serve as a pressure group to press home demands that can reform the RideShare industry. We advocate for better service conditions from all the providers.