How to avoid rideshare scams

How to avoid rideshare scams
by Vincent Crivelli Friday, November 10th 2017



How to avoid rideshare scams. (WPEC)

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. (CBS 12) — Rideshare riders beware. The Better Business Bureau warns scammers are posing as rideshare drivers and tricking travelers out of big bucks at airports across the country.
Every day several passengers fly into Palm Beach International Airport, grab their luggage, then head outside to catch an Uber or Lyft. Now there is a new scam preying on people who use these rideshare apps at airports.
“It’s chaotic, you’re trying to get out of there, there’s a lot of people,” said a Better Business worker.

The BBB says scammers are pretending to work for Uber or Lyft, telling travelers they’re their driver. Then once the passenger gets to their destination the scam driver demands an excessive amount of money.
“The passengers feel like they’re held hostage when they get to their destination… We even hear some cases where the driver would come up to the airport, pick someone up and take their bag, put it on the back-seat doors are locked and then they take off with the luggage,” said the BBB worker.
Several Airports in the US including Fort Lauderdale have specifics zones for rideshare pickup, so security can stay alert. However, PBIA does not. So the BBB says be extra careful.
“Ask the driver when they pick you up, hey who are you picking up and if they can’t support you with the name, don’t get in the car,” said the BBB worker.
We reached out to Uber and Palm Beach International Airport for comment, however they did not get back us before broadcas

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