5 Tips to Tame Back Pain While Traveling

Traveling can be a pain, especially if you have back problems. There are many ways to relieve back pain while Back Paintraveling or to at least make it more manageable. If you plan ahead, you can be assured that your travel will be as comfortable as possible. Here are five tips to help tame that back while traveling.

  • Stay Hydrated and Move When you can

Now, this may be common sense to a lot of people, but staying hydrated is key for back pain. Water circulates healing nutrients and oxygen through your entire body. This is super important for keeping your back pain in check. Every 20-30 minutes, if you can, get up and stretch or walk around. This also helps oxygen circulate through your system. Sitting tightens up your back muscles, which can cause even more back pain.

  • Ice/Heat

Icy Hot Patches work wonders. If that does not work for you, you have the option to bring your own empty bags that the flight attendant can fill with ice for you. It is recommended that you ice for 20 minutes to numb your back then repeat as needed. You can alternate the ice with a Heat patch. Another option is gel packs (hot or cold), just make sure you double check with the airline if bringing them is allowed.

  • Know your Luggage

Lift your luggage in stages. Take your time. Never twist when you lift your luggage. This can cause major injury to the lower back. Use your feet and pivot. If you can, pack light. This saves you money on luggage and also saves your back from carrying extra weight around the airport. There is always the option to ship your luggage to your destination as well. You might be surprised that shipping is way cheaper and it saves your back and a lot of your time when you travel.

  • Keep your Medication Close

If you are on regular medication, it is always a good idea to have a prescription on hand. Make sure all of your medication is with you. Keep it in your carry on. There are a number of scenarios that can happen where you are separated from your checked bags, keeping your medications with you is crucial to managing your pain. Bring a back up over the counter medication just in case you need something more than your regular medication. It is better to be over prepared with medication than it is to have a possibility of having absolutely no medication.

  • Let the Airline Work for You

Ask for an aisle seat so you can stretch your legs out. If you need wheelchair assistance, ask! If your flight isn’t full,Airplane ask for a whole row to yourself to stretch out. Recline your seat. You paid all this money for your travel tickets. Let the company work for you. Flight attendants are there to help you. That is specifically their job. If you need Tylenol or IBUProfen, they more than likely have some. There is no shame in asking for help managing your comfort when traveling.

Managing back pain is a major concern when traveling. These tips are sure to help manage your back pain and make traveling a comfortable experience.

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