Stay Safe on Your Night Out

ConcertYou know how it is…you get all dressed up, put on your dancing shoes, and head out for a night on the town with your friends.  You are aiming to have a great night out, but you might not also be thinking about the safety aspects of it.  Sure, you probably know all about the buddy system, which is just as important for men as it is for women, but other than that, you might not put much thought into staying safe when you’re going out for the night.  Make sure your night doesn’t get ruined, and practice these safety tips whenever you go out!

  • Practice Safe Drinking – Yes, of course we mean don’t drink and drive, but we also mean do not leave your drink unattended EVER.  Don’t even turn your back on your drink for a second.  Predators can slip something into your drink in a matter of seconds without anyone noticing.  Always have your eye on your drink, and never take something that someone gives you that isn’t sealed, and always watch the bartender pour your drink!
  • Always Carry Your Cell Phone – It can be difficult when you’re trying to dance and have fun to make sure your phone is always on you, but carry a small purse (or men, put them in your pockets).  Having your phone on you can be important in any emergency situation, obviously, but also if you get stuck and need a ride.  This will avoid what could end up being a very dangerous walk home or asking a stranger for a ride!
  • Have Money Stashed in More Than One Place – Have some extra cash tucked away in your shoe or zipped away in a pocket somewhere, plus the money that you have in your purse or wallet.  If you misplace your wallet (or it gets stolen), you’ll be grateful for this extra side cash to get home!
  • Only Travel with People You Trust – Make sure you’re with people you know and whom you trust not to put you in a dangerous situation.
  • Don’t Leave with Strangers – You could end up in a very bad and very unsafe situation, and you might not end up knowing where you are.  Don’t take the risk!
  • Don’t Tell People Where You’re Staying – Whether you’re in for the weekend from out of town or live just outside the city, don’t make it known to people where you’re going at the end of the night.  You don’t want to leave yourself open to being followed!
  • Always Have a Plan to Get There and Get Home Safely – Make sure you either have a sober friend Taxidriving home or have a rideshare car lined up!  Don’t wait to figure this out at the end of the night when people have been drinking and spending money.  Plan and budget for it ahead of time, and make sure all your friends head home with you so they don’t get themselves into unsafe situations too!

Following these tips can help you and your friends stay safe at a night out.  Remember, if you see something dangerous happening, call the police or EMS.  Also, look out for yourself.  Sometimes, friends have different plans that might not seem safe.  Try to get them to come with you, but make sure you stay safe yourself overall.  If they’re getting into an unsafe situation, it may be best to call authorities or just head home.

Always remember when setting up rides to follow safe rideshare passenger etiquette to make sure you’re getting in the correct car and stay safe the whole way.  Try not to ride alone (or go anywhere alone at night)!  For more rideshare news and safety tips, visit our website, or follow us on Facebook!

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